Announcements 1

Dear Valued Customers,

Under new ownership, Orenda Wellbeing Organisation, will be rebranding and updating the appearance of our existing website.

We will be transitioning under the umbrella of  You will soon see a new name, a new logo and new images across the site.

This will better reflect the new ownership together with the new mission and vigour within the company.

For you this will mean a different look when you first enter the website, but we will not be changing your favourite products or the processes we use to manufacture them. The shop will remain reassuringly the same and everything you have got used to seeing will still be there.

Wendy and Elizabeth have an ambitious vision for the company, and we appreciate your loyalty and commitment to our products, as we go through these necessary changes.

If you have any questions, please ring us on 07939920729 or email wendy@thecolloidalcompanycom (soon to be Alternatively, ring Elizabeth on 07986669262 (or soon to be email )