What are the risks of Colloidal Silver ?


Argyria is an extremely rare blue/grey discoloration caused by massive over consumption of poor quality Colloidal Silver. The very few cases that have been recorded, were all made utilizing ‘impure water’. In some of the cases, they added rock salt or baking powder to the impure water in order to speed up the process (Colloidal silver). The most famous case of ‘The Blue Man’, namely, Paul Karosan drank two large glassfuls daily, equating to (750ml) for three years with rock salt added to the water. Thereafter, he changed from salt to baking powder for another ten years. Furthermore, his homemade generator did not produce current control; therefore, he had no indicator of the strength of colloidal silver he was ingesting.

Quoting from Alexander G. Schauss, Ph.D.

“…you should be advised that we recently completed an extensive review of the scientific literature on the safety of silver, especially as it relates to its one known potential side effect, namely, Argyria. Argyia is an irreversible discoloration of the pigment (skin) caused by excessive silver intake or chronic exposure to silver by certain tissues. The amount of silver required to develop Argyria is estimated [by the EPA] to be 3.8 grams per day. By comparison standard 10 ppm colloidal silver contains silver in amounts equaling less than 1 milligram of silver (1,000 micrograms = 1 milligram; 1,000 milligrams – 1 gram), which therefore represents an amount approximately 1/500th to 1/1000th of the amount of silver considered to be a risk in the development of Argyria.”

Unfortunately, the Argyria fear is perpetuated by Colloidal Silver manufacturers who recommend that the dosage is one teaspoonful daily of their product. The true test is simply this. If Colloidal Silver did cause Argyria, across the board, where are all the blue people hiding? Millions of people throughout the world take Colloidal Silver on a regular basis and the Argyria stories are almost rare. The chances of developing from during good quality TRUE Colloidal Silver are extremely rare and as far as we have researched this has never happened. 

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