The power of colloidal silver  is phenomenal. Legally we cannot make any claims about this product, but you our customers can! Following is the story  of one of our customers who gave us her feedback of using Colloidal Silver. The lady had just given birth and was bleeding internally and  the bleeding would not stop. She was close to death’s door by her own admission. She was taking medicines prescribed to her from the doctors but all to no avail. Her health or condition did not improve. She then came across our colloidal silver upon recommendation and started to take it. She drank a whole litre over a period of time and within 6 days she confessed that she was totally healed. She reportedly passed what she called 17 tumours!! To say this is something short of miraculous is an understatement.

When I heard the story I was so touched by this mother who had dared to risk everything to save herself I was moved to tears. She risked all so she could be alive for her children and is a living testimony to the total unconditional love of a mother who had total faith in the healing power of natural medicines and foods. 

Colloidal silver is  antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Colloidal silver’s ability to control antibiotic-resistant super bugs is amazing!

Colloidal silver is great for healing  wounds.and for skin care.

What can it help you with? 

Love & light