Colloidal Gold Elixr Facial Rejuvenation Fine Mist Spray


Colloidal Gold Elixr Facial Rejuvenation Fine Mist Spray


Colloidal Moisture Elixir Mist – a super-charged collective of colloidal ELIXIR supplement’s in a fine spray mist.

MUA’s have tried and tested this pre make application and are personally using and loving this product. So much so our stocks are flying off the shelves!

Stacey Whitaker ~ MUA “Hey ok so i have tried and tested on all skin types and I LOVE it!! I would love to buy some to then stock and sell at master classes etc. Its AMAZING xx “



Facial Beauty Firming and Rejuvinating Fine Spray Mist for Men and Women consisting of: Colloidal Copper, Colloidal Gold, Colloidal Titanium, Colloidal Zinc, Colloidal Platinum, Colloidal Silver, Essential Oil, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera  – Tightens, Reduces Wrinkles Crows Feet & Broken Thread Veins. Is Healing, Antioxidant, Anti-bacterial, biotic, fungal & inflammatory. Contains these wonderful Colloids, manufactured in Scotland, using only the finest quality products and fresh Scottish water.

Directions: Spray over freshly cleansed and dried skin. Use on face and décolletage areas and allow to dry. Apply a moisturiser with SPF.

* Always use an SPF after application no matter where you are in the world *

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