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Orenda Wellbeing Organisation are a web-based natural health & beauty company, specialising in Colloidal Supplements (e.g. Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Copper).

We also supply Skin Repair Creams for Eczema and Problem Skin; luxury Beauty Creams and Lip Balms; Antibacterial Gel; and seasonal goodies such as Sun Care and Après Ski Products.

Orenda Wellbeing Organisation has a specialist range for your pet’s ailments too.

We do not test our products on animals. We test on humans. Our Products are 100% Natural, Vegan-friendly & Affordable.

Natural Antibiotic

Excellent antibacterial mouthwash for halitosis, mouth ulcers and gum disease – may be used daily.

Natural Antiseptic

Gentle disinfectant – safe to use on all household surfaces/bedding to prevent spread of pathogens.

Improves Mental Wealth

Emotional stability, improving memory capacity, harmonising nervous system, increasing mental acuity.

Maintaining A Healthy Immune System

Plays a vital role in metabolism of the neurotransmitters, i.e. epinephrine and dopamine.

Ryan Greenwood

"Your Colloidal Gold is incredible only 6 days in but feeling great!"


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After numerous years of research amongst us, we belief that our products are an excellent all round source of good health in keeping the body free from infection, disease, defending against attack from germs, viruses, whilst boosting the immune and repair system, improving your entire neural system and IQ, reducing wrinkles, boosting collagen and improving skin condition, assisting to prevent strokes & heart attacks, cleansing arteries & veins whilst extending longevity without pain and senility. ALL 100% NATURAL.

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